Dog Toothbrush Toy - Chewy Ball For Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy

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This Dog Toothbrush Toyis the All-in-One solution you never knew existed. There is no reason to buy multiple dog toys because The Teeth Cleaning Toy replaces them all. It is designed to cure your dog's boredom with the powerful suction cup self-playing feature. The specially designed bristles help with your dog's dental hygiene. The Treat Dispenser feature keeps your dog entertained for hours. The CHEWY BALL has been specifically designed with Non-Toxic Materials to ensure your dog's safety. Dogs of all sizes will love it!

Dog Toothbrush Toy - Chewy Ball For Teeth Cleaning

REDUCE BAD BEHAVIOUR - Does your dog behave badly whenever they are bored? The CHEWY BALL's powerful suction cup self-playing feature reduces bad behaviour by keeping them entertained and killing boredom.

DOG TOOTHBRUSH - Dental hygiene is extremely important for keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy, AND reduce dog breath! The 360°chewy rubber ball has been designed with double-layered tooth ridge bristles that can effectively get between your dog's teeth and help to remove calculus, tartar, and bad breath.

TREAT DISPENSER - Insert your dog's favourite treats into the chewy rubber ball and The CHEWY BALL will drop treats as your dog is playing, this will keep them active for hours. Your dog will absolutely love it!

SUITABLE FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES- The CHEWY BALL is the perfect toy for dogs of all sizes. Small, medium and larger breed dogs can all enjoy playing with it.

NON-TOXIC & DURABLE - It is made with non-toxic and durable materials to ensure your dog can play safely for days on end. -

AVAILABLE IN 3 DIFFERENT COLOURS - What's your dogs favourite colour?

Dog Toothbrush Toy - Chewy Ball For Teeth Cleaning - SoTrendify



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