First of all, our target market mainly is concentrating on trend products. The items are unique with their idea that is based on cute and funny products that bring a smile on the customer’s face. The key point to notice here is that the products are differentiated such that it will not be available on any other website or store at all. Even though it is all made for women, men can also have their moment of shopping if they want to give a present to their loved ones. 

Moreover, the customer support has been the core area of concern for the running of the E-business. This is why specializes in delivering quality to its customers. What often becomes a reason behind online shopping for customers is the extensive cost of shipping. However, has opted for FREE SHIPPING. This is to encourage the customers who find it unreasonable to pay for the shipping fee and often believe it Better to go out for shopping in mall. Lastly, if there is a bit of a doubt that is still residing in anyone’s mind regarding the value of money, are assured that there is a policy that money can be returned in return of the goods bought within 15 days of the purchase.

Therefore, do keep at the top of the list for E-shopping. There is nothing here that cannot be found at a cheaper rate comparatively and a better quality. We cater products that can be carried easily (portable) and products that are made with love. We do not compromise on the quality, quantity and the customer’s satisfaction in the business.

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