The Ultimate Guide To Yoga Clothing Shopping

Whether it’s hot yoga top, printed yoga pantslong waist trainer or team tracksuits, your yoga clothing has to provide you with comfort. It’s okay to be stylish and to let that seep into your yoga apparel.

Wholesale yoga clothing will usually cover every clothing piece you need for your routine. Printed yoga pants are trendy and you can never do wrong with them.

The Ultimate Guide To Yoga Clothing Shopping

Choosing what to wear for a yoga class is just as important as the yoga class itself. This is because what you wear to your yoga class can greatly influence how well your yoga exercises turn out. Sounds made up? No, actually. Yoga is a system of exercises that aims at body and mind control and there can be nothing as distracting as a piece of clothing in your face when you’re stretched out and trying to achieve balance. Think about it. You are inverted, your feet in the air and bam! Your top topples over your face, covering your eyes and cutting off the free flow of air to your nostrils. That’s a no-no if you had planned a truly reinvigorating work out. This is why we have put up the ultimate guide to yoga clothing shopping to help you know and go with those cloth pieces that make your overall yoga journey truly worth it.

  • Guide number 1: Know what type of yoga you’re getting dressed for.

There are different types of yoga regimens. Each of them are unique with their individual benefits and level of movement. Hence, understanding what each regimen entails will give you an accurate base to decide which yoga clothing works. Bikram and hot yoga, for instance are detoxification sessions and would generally require clothes like hot yoga tops and fitted shorts that finish around mid-thigh height. Such clothing helps in wicking away moisture (as in perspiration). Hatha or Vinyasa yoga are aimed at coordinating movement with breath and both involve stretching, leg lifting and inversions. You will definitely want to go with clothes that stay on you. That is to say that clothes which hug your body (not too tightly however) are a perfect pick for such type of yoga. Iyengar on the other hand helps you find balance and involves a lot of deep stretching. You will surely want to go for stretchy yoga clothes. Power and Ashtanga yoga is more challenging and consists of constant movement in between poses. You also don’t want clothes that get in the way. The key is to understand your yoga plan and know which you’ll be doing at every point in time way before the class begin.

  • Guide number 2: Choose comfort

Whether it’s hot yoga top, printed yoga pants, long waist trainer or team tracksuits, your yoga clothing has to provide you with comfort. It’s okay to be stylish and to let that seep into your yoga apparel. However, if it’s beautiful yet discomforting, the whole essence is lost. Try to choose flexible clothes that fit. There are simple yoga workouts that may not require constant movement. Big tops can work for such classes but as a general rule ill fitted clothes are to be left at home. Nonetheless, getting creative and going all out with your yoga clothing is a yes-yes. Wholesale yoga clothing will usually cover every clothing piece you need for your routine. Printed yoga pants are trendy and you can never do wrong with them. Tank tops which are not too long have been used over time because of how they can cover the body while letting your body breathe at the same time. Meshes and nets are in vogue. Yogis all over the world love them because they are breathable and they provide a sport and lacy look. The shredded look is now common place in yoga studios. Cutout tops, striped yoga leggings, long waist trainers are loved because they help your skin breathe while allowing for ample ventilation during classes. Plus they look chic. So whichever style you’re settling for, comfort should always sit at the top of your consideration list.

  • Guide number 3: Rock colors, textures and designs

Gone are the days when yoga pants used to be all about black, although there’s a general rule that throws brightly colored yoga pants out the window. Printed yoga pants save you a great deal of stress if you’re obeying that rule while trying to achieve a sassy look at the same time. From having your own personalized look to feeling truly at peace and balanced, there’s something absolutely endearing about switching your style up. Recently, yogis are reaping the benefits of wearing yoga pants which have bright and bold prints as against plain bright and bland yoga pants. Team tracksuits have also seen some spicing up as colors and designs are been exploited by designers on a daily, to bring you fashion that is functional. Panelled pants are one of the best clothing pieces you can add to your wholesale yoga clothing as you shop. Panelled pants are designed to allow you bend with ease and like a pro. There are even abundant supplies of panelled hot yoga pants, team tracksuits, long waist trainers and printed pants which may be shredded or designed as mesh or nets.

A woman’s wholesale yoga clothing is  incomplete without the right bra. Sports bra are mostly used for the optimal functioning they provide. You can choose to wear your sports bra underneath a top or on its own. Nonetheless, your sports bra must be one that supports and holds you, especially if you would be doing the Downward Dog and Headstand pose. Bras that are lightweight, V-neck or light in color may not be appropriate for intense yoga session. Crop tops too have found their way into the yoga wardrobe and they’re a great addition. Crop tops can be worn over sport bras especially for yoga sessions that involve slow movement.

Amazingly, yoga is not for women alone. It’s for everyone young and young-at-heart. Therefore, men and children are becoming more involved in this body and mind training. Comfortable and well fitted, yet flexible yoga clothing pieces is much about everything men and children would be needing for great yoga workout sessions.

Careful attention must be paid to the texture of your yoga clothing. Hence, go for fitted designs with plenty of stretch in fabrics that are soft and breathable, such as cotton, bamboo or jersey. 

  • Guide number 4: Don’t ignore footwear and accessories

Although yoga does not require footwear and that you will need to remove your shoes and socks before entering the class, it does not mean that you have no need to bother about what footwear works. Finding a pair that matches your yoga outfit and also can be worn before and after the class sets your yoga apparel at the complete status. Sneakers are more common as they make an excellent choice and give you an athletic look. Other shoe styles like slides and sandals are also in trend. They do well to give your outfit a casual edge and save you the stress of fighting to put them on or take off before and after each session.

Yoga accessories are nothing like the huge earrings and necklaces. No! Leave those ones at home. Yoga accessories will entail your yoga mat, head bands, yoga bag or strap for storing away your mat and any other thing, your water bottle and your towel. These are essentials for your yoga sessions and you wouldn’t want to miss them.


The increasing wide range of new looks, great designs, and comfortable fabrics provides multitudes of options for yogis- women, men and children, to choose from. This is particularly interesting and can yet be tasking. Trendify helps you make the right choices; providing you with wholesale yoga clothing options which are fashionable and functional. Trendify's yoga wear finds itself in yoga studios, offices, clubs and even casual gatherings. Switching your yoga style up is now as easy as ABC when you choose Trendify. So whether it’s team tracksuits, long waist trainers, hot yoga tops and/or printed yoga pants, Trendify has got your wholesale yoga clothing shopping covered. Every yogi anywhere can now discover a look that works.
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